Warriors in the Dust

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The official Finke Desert Race podcast covering all aspects of Australia's greatest off-road race.

Brought to you by Murray Silby of Warriors in the Dust

Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 10 - Race week!

    After last year's Finke Desert Race was canceled due to COVID-19, this year's event has been eagerly awaited, but once again COVID has intervened to prevent some Victorians from attending. We speak with a gutted five-time winner, Mark Burrows, who won't be racing, but also meet Luke Hayes, a local ...


  2. Episode 9 - There and Back, the movie

    We meet Dylan River, the maker of the outstanding feature documentary Finke - There and Back, who has actually raced the Finke something like eight times. ...


  3. Episode 8 - "There I am in tears ......."

    Volunteers are vital to the success of the Finke Desert Race and two of them, Julie and Lance Thomsen, share some of their stories from a decade of volunteering. ...


  4. Episode 7 - Joining the family firm

    Ally and Josh Howells - top hopes in the cars section - not only racing the field, but racing each other. ...


  5. Episode 6 - The inside story

    Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine journalist Stephen "Tuffy" Tuff has reported on the Finke Desert Race for more than 20 years and ridden it multiple times. He dishes the dirt on Australia's greatest off-road race. ...